Review Scores

How the scoring system works in reviews.

Each restaurant is reviewed and then rated on five criteria.  Each category is scored out of five:

Information: How clear is the gluten free signposting on the menu?  Is there a separate menu entirely for gluten free eaters, or are there just marks next to dishes?  A low score will be given where there is no reference and no clarity.

Serving Staff:  When I mention that I am a coeliac, do waiting staff know what this means and then offer options and advice, or do they not know what it means so it has to be explained?

Choices:  How good is the gluten free range?  Are there lots of options or can I only have the mushroom risotto (I hate mushrooms by the way!)

Quality: Just because I am coeliac does not mean I will eat rubbish (or packet mixes)!  This rating gives a score for how the gluten free option compares to the non-gluten free food.

Overall Experience: what do I give this restaurant for its overall ambience, experience, food and service?  And this is where the really low score goes if, by accident, I have ingested an evil ingredient ....

So the scoreboard will read like this:

Scores (out of five)

Information: 5
Serving Staff: 4
Choices: 4
Quality: 5
Overall Experience: 4

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