Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gluten-free BBQ

I haven't written much lately, but it is getting to be BBQ season (even if a bit late, and probably a bit brief), and I did have a chance to try some interesting rolls and burgers:
A sample Waitrose "LOVE life" line of gluten-free roll.

Waitrose, like the other major supermarkets in the UK, now has a line of gluten-free products. That includes a package of white rolls.  (Seeded rolls are also available for slightly more.)

The rolls are a wee bit smaller and dryer than typical buns, but they are more than good enough for burgers.  (Actually, I like them a bit smaller, as it improves the bun to burger ratio.) The important thing is that they aren't too dry, and they taste like a hamburger bun should.

But as important as the bun in the filling. Most prepared burgers contain flour, and so aren't gluten-free (and I've found out the hard way...).

I recently tried a line of burgers from The Good Little Company, which lists them as being not only gluten-free but also being made from 88% British beef and having no artificial colours or flavourings., and that they donate a portion of their profits to Christian Aid.  The burgers were tasty, but they were very small: a package of six burgers was only 336g, or about 56g (just under 2 ounces, or an 1/8th of a pound). That wasn't very good for the bun/burger ratio, but it was awkward to fit two on one of the Waitrose buns.

As for other toppings, well, I'm fairly traditional. Ketchup and mayonnaise are fine for me, and those are normally gluten-free.

I'd love to get comments about other brands of baps, burgers or BBQ sauces sold in the area.