Friday, October 26, 2012

Little Vietnam

We just came back from a very tasty dinner at Little Vietnam (79 Dalry Road EH11 2AA), which has opened recently.

The menu has a large selection of rice-based dishes: summer roles wrapped in rice paper, many rice noodle dishes and fried rice dishes. The food was light, spicy and delicious, but with sizable portions. We had summer rolls, butter beef (bo luc lac), Vietnamese salad (nom goi), a spicy vermicelli soup (bun bo hue: pork, beef and chicken in a spicy broth with rice noodles), and a savoury crepe (banh xeo, actually, not necessaily gluten free, but that was what my wife ordered). With drinks, this was just under £38.

The decor is simple and relaxing, with an authentic feel. Our waiter was very friendly, and the service was very good. The place is a new favourite. It is BYOB.

They also do take away, and according to their Facebook page, they now deliver.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where to get Gluten-Free Beer in Edinburgh

Some places that sell gluten-free beers (or have in the past):

Most seem to have mainly Mongozo beer, though I've found other brands in the past (see the post on gluten-free ales from 2011 at Earthy Foods).

(For what it's worth, I found this page about wheat-free and gluten-free beers in various parts of the world, and another page on the 14 Best (and Worst) Gluten-Free Beers.

What other places in the city sell gluten-free beers?