Just because you are coeliac does not mean you have to eat rubbish or compromise on the quality of your food.  In many ways, being a coeliac means you can make more choices about the food that you eat as you have a really good excuse to refuse some of the dreadful ready made meals and cakes that people offer.

I am a newly diagnosed coeliac who lives and works in Edinburgh.  I like to eat well and I cook much of our family food from scratch, so am adjusting my baking skills and acquiring new techniques as I go along.  I eat out fairly regularly and use city centre coffee shops for work meetings and social.  In taking over this blog I am continuing the hope that it will help provide a location for choices and advice for other coeliacs who are either in Edinburgh or who wish to try some baking.

Being a coeliac offers the option to take more control of your diet.  While I can imagine the challenges of having a coeliac child, I hope many of the restaurant suggestions will help with choices for eating out.  It is scary to find yourself dependent on the honesty of the restaurant, but so many seem to get it right that it is good to support them.

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