Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hateful Tortillas

Today I tried some gluten/dairy-free tortilla wraps from the Love More brand:

They can be considered thick flat breads or thin pancakes, but not tortillas.

That made them too brittle---even when heated. (If they required an alternative form of heating, such as steaming, it didn't say on the package.)

Which made them useless for wrapping anything. Even just bending them slightly caused them to break.

They tasted like rice pancakes, not tortillas. (The first ingredients are "water, tapioca starch, rice flour, wholegrain maize flour".) There's nothing wrong with the taste of rice, but rice flour is dense. And these things were very dense. One of these will fill you up.

I don't recommend using these for tortillas or wraps. Maybe as a base for mini-pizzas or quesadillas.

I also don't understand what marketing genius came up with the brand name, "free from foods". I like food, and don't want to be "free" from it.

On a positive note, in April I posted a review of good tortillas, and where they can be found in Edinburgh.

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