Monday, January 14, 2013

Thank You for Reading

I've moved from Edinburgh, so this blog will be dormant until someone else takes it over. It's been neglected, and needs a lot of love and care by food-minded person(s).

If you're interested, contact me to robrwo+gfreeeddinburgh at gmail dot com.

And thanks again for reading this.


  1. Best of luck, where have you moved to? I hope you are able to find a raft of gluten free gems wherever that may be.

    Travel Gluten Free

    1. I've moved to York, and have already found a few good places for gluten-free food. But I've decided (for now, anyway) not to maintain a blog for it.

    2. I can understand that! Have you tried El Piano?

      If you do have any great suggestions that you could share with our visitors I would love to hear about them!

  2. Hi.

    I have tried El Piano. I wasn't impressed, actually. I had a veggie burger, but found it rather bland.

    Some places to try in York (off the top of my head) that have gluten free food: The Go Down, Cafe Concerto, No. 8 Bistro, Ambiente, Melton's Too. There's also a Chinese takeway in town (I forget the name) that specialises in gluten-free food.